6 ideal aurora hunting spots in the Northern Hemisphere sky

At the end of August to the beginning of April, the aurora will appear spectacularly in the sky, inspiring visitors to the lands of the Northern Hemisphere to see it firsthand.

Iceland: Located near the Arctic Circle, the North Atlantic, Iceland is one of the most valuable destinations to admire the aurora. In the capital Reykjavik, you can see the aurora dancing in the sky. However, to see this phenomenon more easily, you should exit the city, visit Iceland’s famous Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. Here, visitors will enjoy a memorable light party. Photo: Mynewsdesk.

Norway: The city of Tromso in Norway attracts a lot of enthusiastic hunting enthusiasts not only because of its unfavorable air travel but also because it is located in the middle of the oval oval. This is where the most difficult “catch” lights often appear. In addition to aurora, visitors are also immersed in food festivals and music all year round. Photo: Origo.

Finland: Not only is famous as Santa’s hometown, Finland is also attractive to visitors by experiencing the North Pole every night in Lapland. This country is the destination that gives you the opportunity to admire the beautiful aurora spectacle anywhere in the territory. If you are afraid to go out in cold weather, you can enjoy the warm air in the glass igloo and wait for the aurora to appear. Some hotels here also have North Aurora signaling system to ensure visitors will not miss the “unique” experience in life. Photo: Ifun01.

Sweden: During a trip to Sweden, on the journey to explore Stockholm, you can move north, visit Lapland to catch the Northern aurora in Abisko National Park. There are no countless sparkling electric lights like the city, the Lapland region of Sweden sparkles with blue lights vividly in the dark night. If you’re lucky, you can just enjoy this spectacular phenomenon right in the warm room, while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in the unique Swedish Fika style. Photo: Swedish Lapland.

USA: Fairbanks City of Alaska is one of the great places to see aurora sky in America. During the tour, you can participate in many other interesting experiences such as enjoying a cocktail at ice bars at the Aurora Museum, taking a dip in the famous hot spring of Chena Hot Springs amid natural beauty. grandeur of Alaska. Photo: Cellcode.us.

Canada: Canada is a destination where you can admire the aurora from many different places, especially in the far north. Among them, Yellowknife attracts many visitors by frequent aurora phenomenon and flat ground, without high-rise buildings obstructing the vision. Here, you can also camp in the village of Aurora, warmly seated on the 360-degree swivel chairs outdoors with the most favorable viewing anglPhoto: Spectacular NWT.e. Photo: Spectacular NWT.

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