Design and screen According to Techradar, Apple has reused the iPhone Xr shell for the iPhone 11, with the chassis made of aluminum and glass. Besides, the device has a familiar 6.1-inch (Liquid Retina) LCD screen design.

But when you flip the back of the iPhone 11, you’ll clearly see the difference from the iPhone XR: It’s a dual camera cluster placed in a square frame. While the single lens of the iPhone Xr proves that this is a cheap iPhone, the dual lens of the iPhone 11 has made it look more premium and luxurious.

Apple has 6 different color versions for iPhone 11 including: Black, Red, White, Yellow, Lavender Purple and Mint Green.

As mentioned above, the iPhone 11 is equipped with the iPhone Xr IPS LCD screen which helps to cut costs. Although it is not as vivid as OLED, the LCD panel still produces good and clear colors.

In order to provide a better task experience, Apple has integrated True-Tone screen technology, which adjusts screen brightness accordingly. As a result, when used for a long time, you will not feel uncomfortable or sore eyes. It promises that users will have an unforgettable experience when using iPhone 11.

Configuration and performance

iPhone 11 is proud to be one of the three devices running iOS 13 with many new and unique features. If you want to own an affordable device and are running iOS 13, the standard version of iPhone 11 is a reasonable choice.

Like the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, the iPhone 11 also has a powerful A13 Bionic processor inside. However, it is likely that the machine will have less RAM than the two brothers iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

According to previous leaked information, iPhone 11 may have lower performance score than iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, so many individuals have raised doubts about the performance of iPhone 11. However, during the product launch event, Apple said the Apple A13 is the fastest CPU on the smartphone market today.

Not stopping there, Apple publicly “picked a quarrel” for the first time with the most powerful Android flagships, and announced that the A13 left behind rivals. With A13, Apple is confident that this chip will defeat Snapdragon 855, Kirin 980 or Snapdragon 845,…


As mentioned above, the iPhone 11 is equipped with a dual camera cluster including: 12 MP wide angle sensor and 12 MP ultra wide angle sensor. The design of this dual camera is also larger than usual and fits in a square frame like the iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max.

Although there are many criticisms about the design of the rear camera, but the quality and ability to take pictures ‘quality’ and much better. And this is also the first time, Apple has equipped ultra-wide angle lens on their smartphone line is the iPhone. For Android users, the ultra-wide lens is quite familiar, but for iOS users, this is a big turning point.

Battery life

When it comes to battery life of the iPhone 11, many people have wished that it would have the same battery as the iPhone XR (which has the best battery life of any modern iPhone).

Although not disclosing the capacity of the iPhone 11 battery, but Apple has stated that the device will have an hour longer than the iPhone XR. Sadly, it doesn’t have an 18W fast charger in the same box as the iPhone 11 Pro.


This is one of the interesting and impressive things for the global smartphone world when Apple announced that the iPhone 11 will have an impressive starting price in the US of $ 699 for the 64 GB version, which is $ 50 cheaper than the iPhone XR (at launch time).

In addition, the device will also have a few ROM upgrade versions such as: 128 GB version is expected to cost 749 USD and 256 GB ROM version will cost 849 USD.

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