After more than two years since the launch of AirPods, fueling the trend of true wireless in the market flourishes, Apple made a big surprise by quietly launching the second-generation AirPods instead of introducing them at an Apple event as usual.Design

Despite much speculation about a true wireless in-ear headset, the AirPods 2019 have the same design as 2016 AirPods like two drops of water – from the length, width, height to the whole housing stretched down to the earlobes and there is no way to distinguish them without using them directly. Even the charging box is the same as the 2016 version, the only three differences are the 2019 AirPods charging box with LED charging indicator and built-in Qi wireless charging capability and weighs more than the old charging box (40g for AirPods 2019 and 38g for AirPods 2016).


The focus of attention this time is on the H1 chip instead of W1 on 2016 AirPods, which is advertised to double the connection speed between Apple devices, 1.5 times the connection speed when making calls and reducing up to 30% lag when gaming. The H1 chip is also responsible for the ‘Hey, Siri’ identification feature on the new AirPods 2019, users no longer have to two-touch to order Siri.

Obviously, with many changes to maximize the experience when using, AirPods 2019 is definitely not only a worthy choice for new true wireless users, but also a very attractive upgrade for AirPods 2016 owners.

Battery life

In the two years of launching AirPods 2016, the race for true wireless technology has greatly increased the battery life of fully wireless headsets. Therefore, the battery life on the new AirPods 2019 – 5 hours of continuous music, 3 hours of talk time, an increase of about 50% compared to 2016 AirPods – will help Apple’s true wireless headphones not inferior to any other competitors. The charging box is also capable of providing a total of 24 hours of use, which is expected to also make a huge impression on the market.Price

Apple this year has more options for the new 2019 AirPods, including:

– AirPods 2019 version with wireless charging box costs US$199

– 2019 AirPods version with regular charging box costs US$159

– Wireless charging box for AirPods 2016 costs US$79

As such, the price of AirPods 2019 will be equal to the 2016 AirPods version and is more expensive than US$40 if you buy the wireless charging box option. With the convenience that it brings, US$159 is a reasonable price.

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