Macbook Air 2019 can continue to bring surprises to users with more powerful upgrades in both design and performance than the 2018 Macbook Air version. Here are 5 things that make you buy a Macbook Air 2019 right away. this.

1. Equipped with Retina True Tone display

The MacBook Air 2019 is equipped with a True Tone Retina display. This is the first time for MacBook Air and this is a much needed upgrade. Apple upgraded the display in 2018 with a Retina display that has 4 times the resolution of standard HD screens and is on par with what you get on MacBook Pro.

This new display is supported with True Tone – a new brand of 2019. This uses sensors to automatically change the screen’s color temperature to provide a better viewing experience. This is a great feature we love on iPhone, iPad and newer MacBook Pro models.

2. New design with thinner, lighter screen

Apple has equipped the Macbook Air 2019 with a thinner screen bezel that makes it easy to carry around without too much difficulty as previous versions. It’s 17% smaller in weight than the 2017 MacBook Air. That means it is easier to carry, easier to use on airplanes or public places, which would be much more convenient. The MacBook Air 2019 is 15.6mm thick and weighs 2.75 pounds. Apple offers MacBook Air in Silver, Space Gray and Gold options.

3. Equipped with Touch ID and Facetime HD

MacBook Air 2019 offers the best for users and things you won’t find on MacBook Pro. You get Touch ID without Touch Bar. This means you can log in with your fingerprint and you can still use the regular keys. Touch ID is a great way to log in, and you can also use it to buy stuff with Apple Pay on a Mac or approve apps and other items without requiring a password.

Apple also includes a FaceTime HD webcam on the MacBook Air 2019 and it stays at the top of the screen, even with a tiny bezel.

4. The improvement of battery life time 

Apple MacBook Air 2019 battery life is rated at 12 hours and if you play movies locally in iTunes, that’s 13 hours. It is at 75% brightness. Apple is usually quite accurate with the Mac battery life claim. This particular battery test is with a 1.6 GHz dual-core MacBook Air with 8GB and a 256GB SSD.

With USB C and a 30W charging cord, you can also carry a USB C PD battery pack in the case where no power is used. This makes the Macbook Air 2019 a super portable and convenient device everywhere.

5. Performance is more upgraded

Apple has finally brought the 2019 MacBook Air specifications to match the competition from Windows. You get the latest Intel processor, large RAM and storage with lots of attractive options. Specifically, there will be an Intel Core i5 version, dual core 1.6 GHz, Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz SSD PCIe 128GB – Maximum 1TB, standard 8GB RAM and up to 16GB RAM version. Intel UHD Graphics Support for Thunderbolt 3 external GPU. This device is sold at US$1,079.99 on the market.

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