Cool eyes with blue locations in the world

If you are a fan of blue, blue or blue, you definitely can not ignore the following beautiful tourist destinations.

1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland: Possessing a fanciful blue stream, Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most famous hot spring. The reason why the water here is so strange is because of the high silica content. This place attracts a lot of tourists to relax and treat themselves. Photo: Guidetoiceland.

2. Jodhpur, India: Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan, India. It is famous for the 15th-century palace overlooking the city, as well as the kilometers of winding streets painted in a soft blue color. Some say that this architecture pays homage to Shiva, one of the main gods of Hinduism. Photo: Wanderlust.

3. Santorini, Greece: It can be said Santorini island in Greece is a symphony of beautiful blue. Surrounded by the deep blue Aegean Sea, under a blue sky high all year round, most of the whitewashed buildings on the island have blue roofs and windows, creating a fascinating blend of scenery. Photo: Healthywomen.

4. Kelimutu, Flores, Indonesia: Kelimutu, the volcano on the island of Flores in Indonesia, has long been famous for three beautiful lakes from nature. Each lake possesses a different color and is considered the final resting place for the dead souls. Lake blue, TZH ata Bupu, is considered “lake of the elderly”. The remaining two lakes are for young souls and enchanted souls. Photo: Bucketlistly.

5. Chefchaouen, Morocco: As a city in northwest Morocco, Chefchaouen attracts tourists by houses painted completely in blue. There are many different explanations such as walls painted with green to remove mosquitoes, can also color the sky and paradise or simply let visitors take beautiful pictures. Photo: Suitcaseandi.

6. Bluebell forest in the UK: If you go into the forests in England in the spring, you may experience an interesting surprise. Not only new plants grow leaves, the forest floor is also covered with a dark green color by bluebell flowers growing. Bluebell is shaped like a blue bell and a light fragrance. In the UK, Bluebell is strictly protected under the laws of nature protection. Photo: CNTravel. 7. Júzcar, Spain: Poor despair, the village of Júzcar in southern Spain agreed to put a blue paint brand on the entire house to promote the Smurfs movie in 2011. Thuong The brand agreed to repaint the white village after the program ended, but due to the popularity of the film, thousands of visitors came to visit, so Júzcar decided to keep the village green. Photo: Wanderlust.

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