Life in weather is negative 46 degrees Celsius, cold to breathless in Russia

Most of the indigenous people along the banks of the Lena River (Russia) live in the most extreme climatic climate on the planet, with a winter temperature of minus 46 degrees Celsius.

The Sakha Republic (aka Yakutia), is located in the northeastern part of the Russian Federation with more than 40% of the territory located on the Arctic Circle. The area consists of more than 5 million km2 of taiga (the ecoregion stands out with coniferous forests) and the tundra runs more than 4,000 km2 from the Arctic Ocean to the south.Yakutsk, the capital of Sakha, is said to be one of the coldest cities on Earth. Photo: Head Topics.

The city was founded in 1632 by the Cossack (liberals, doing manual and commercial jobs along the Yenesei River). They built a building on the large Lena line. Until the 1880s, it began to boom when gold and other minerals were found. Photo: Cellcode.

As the world’s coldest winter city, it is located in a permanent freezing zone with an average temperature of 8.8 degrees Celsius. In summer, the weather Yakutsk is warmer, sometimes the temperature remains beyond 30 degrees C. Therefore, the Lena river may not freeze. During this period, many boats offer downstream tours to visit fascinating and spectacular locations. Photos: Pinterest.

The average winter heat background reaches negative 46 degrees Celsius. Local people must wear a hooded fur coat and cover their nose to make it easier to breathe. The whole body of the raw mammoth mammoth is sometimes discovered buried in avalanches. Some corpses found still contain food in their mouths. Photo: 13news.

You can see some skeletons, learn about their life and death at Yakutsk mammoth museum. Going about half a day south of Yakutsk along the Lena River, you will reach Lena Pillars natural park spread over more than 12,000 km2. Photo: WBFO.

The park includes many different ecological environments such as deep permafrost, tundra, taiga, cliffs … The most famous feature of Lena Pillars is the limestone pillars of 150-300 m high. spectacular on the river is included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO in 2012. Photo: Reddit.

The Permafrost Museum (historical museum and permafrost study) in the capital Yakutsk will take you deep into the pine mountain and explore the cold permafrost. You can also enjoy beautiful, beautiful ice sculptures. Here, visitors can enjoy winter scones with chilled vodka served in a glass made of ice. Photo: Arctic Russia Travel.

If you move northeast over 900 km from the city of Yakutsk, along the Kolyma highway, you will find the town of Oymyakon, one of the coldest places on Earth. Here, visitors can learn about daily life in extreme cold conditions. The coldest temperature measured here is below minus 67 degrees Celsius. Photo: Iaici.

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