Peanut among thousand-year-old ghost town, crouched on the waterfall in China

The thousand-year-old houses, the Tho Gia ethnic culture (China) are unique, beautiful nature like the first scene … created Phu Dung ancient town (China) dreamy, attractive to tourists.

Ancient ancient town, beautiful and beautiful like a fairy scene Belonging to the autonomous land of the Tho Gia ethnic group, Phu Dung ancient town (China), built more than 2,000 years ago, is one of the tourist attractions of Hunan province. Visitors in Hunan Province (China) can not ignore this ancient, rich historical value place. Phu Dung town is about 80 km southwest of downtown Truong Gia Gioi. Besides Truong Gia Gioi and Phuong Hoang, this is also a tourist attraction in Hunan Province. Phu Dung town is located on Vuong Thon waterfall, nestled by Dau Thuy stream, creating a dreamy, nostalgic, but strange-looking scenery. Go to the thousand-year-old town, you can take a walk on winding stone paved roads like a soft silk strip, watching the ancient wooden house of forgotten time. The highest point of this place is at 900 meters above sea level and the lowest point is nearly 140 m. If standing at the highest place, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the poetic town. If you want to see Vuong Thon waterfall, you should visit Phu Dung town in the period from May 6-9, this is the rainy season, the water is fast. In addition to Vuong Thon waterfall, Tho Ty palace is also a destination you can not miss when visiting the town. Not only admire the long-standing architecture, watching the nature of the lyrical and ancient, visitors to Phu Dung town also learn about the unique ethnic culture of Tho Gia.

Vuong Thon, a thousand-year-old land of the Tho Gia Ancient Furong has the original name of Wang Thon. After the success of the movie Hibiscus Town (released in 1986) filmed in Vuong Thon, tourists began to know more about this town and called it by other names Phu Dung ancient town. Phu Dung town was built about 2,000 years ago. Residents of the region are Turks. Currently, Han people also come here to live. 300 years ago, Wang Thon was ruled by Earth King. At that time, houses, roads, corridors, bridges here were built of wood and did not use iron nails. This construction helps the Turks easily remove wooden slats and move as needed. Currently, the old houses are still under renovation, with many new houses built. If you want to see the most ancient architecture in Vuong Thon, tourists should visit Tho Vuong’s house, 5 yuan per person (17,500 VND). Phu Dung town is not too wide, visitors should visit this place during the day. If you want to see the ghost town at night, you can stay here for a whole day. Tourists planning to visit the ancient Phoenix should visit Vuong Thon. Moving and scheduling to visit these two locations is relatively easy, however, if you have never been here, you should go on a tour to learn more about the long history and culture in the localities. this point.

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