Pu Luong – a miniature Sa Pa in Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa not only has famous beaches like Sam Son. Here, visitors can visit Pu Luong, a “green” resort that blends with heaven and earth.

Pu Luong belongs to the nature reserve, located in Ba Thuoc and Quan Hoa districts, about 130 km northwest of the city center. North and northeast of Pu Luong borders Mai Chau, Tan Lac and Lac Son districts of Hoa Binh province. Photo: Shutterstock.

Visitors here should choose to go in May, June or September, 10. Pu Luong in May and June will be immersed in the new green rice of terraced fields, which looks very beautiful. The weather is extremely cool this time, fluctuating around 20 degrees C. In September, 10 in Pu Luong also coincides with the ripening of rice. The rich and peaceful beauty of the terraced fields will satisfy all tourists. Photo: So_vietnam_travel, The travel women.

The road to Pu Luong is quite easy. People can choose to travel by bus or motorbike. Pu Luong is a new tourist destination with many interesting coordinates waiting for you to explore. Trekking through Pu Luong is considered the most worthwhile experience when coming here with the starting point of Kho Muong village. This village possesses a majestic landscape, has many mysterious stalactite caves, attracting tourists. Photos: Vietnamtourismboard, Justgoodfun.

From Kho Muong, you can follow the route of 4 villages of Muong is Pi – Thanh Cong – Cao Hoong – Kac to discover the characteristics of indigenous culture. Quoi village with idyllic houses is also an ideal destination for travelers who want to find peace. To get here, you need to follow the trail that connects Kho Muong to the Uoi – Pho Doan. Here you will have the opportunity to interact and experience traditional Thai culture, and enjoy delicious specialties. Photos: Trav.travel, Littleguyinthesky, Mariondeschmps.

Pu Luong is an ideal ecotourism destination for nature-loving travelers and wants to learn indigenous culture. Therefore, when traveling to Pu Luong, you can choose to stay at home or stay in homestay in Kho Muong village, Ban Koi village, Bang village … to have more experiences

In addition to the idyllic and idyllic accommodation, travelers can choose to stay in newly opened resorts. These resorts have infinity pools very pleased to “live virtual” but cost quite high. Because it is a place associated with ecotourism, these points usually do not have TV, air conditioning, or refrigerator … However, you can still be assured because these resorts are clean, airy, convenient enough. basic suspicion

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