The replica of the Golden Bridge, the Eiffel Tower in China draws attention to the network

The Eiffel Tower (France), Moai statue (Polynesia) or Golden bridge in Vietnam all appear in China with a remake version, whose design is almost similar to the original.

Recently, Sohu site (China) has published the information about Co Khe Tinh Ha tourist resort (Fujian, China) inaugurating Thai Hong Tien Thu bridge, Guinness record bridge for design. The world’s largest engraving “. Thai Hong Tien Thu has the design of a helping hand reaching out from the mountain. On social networks, many members expressed their opinion that the project has many similarities Golden bridge famous in Da Nang. Photo: Sohu, Duong Mai Viet Anh.

Sky City housing area (Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China) is one of China’s famous piracy projects. The whole urban area was built to recreate the magnificent Parisian capital of France. Here, ” Eiffel Tower ” was built with an area equal to one third of the size of the real Eiffel Tower in France. In 2017, this 31 km2 residential area has only about 30,000 people living. Up to now, Sky City has become a tourist attraction in Hangzhou. Photo: Timbinnion, Winniekan.

The Arc de Triomphe, a century building in Paris, was also recreated in Sky City. The details of the Arc de Triomphe Chinese version are built almost identical to the original version in France. This is also the place to attract tourists to check-in in the urban area of ​​the famous Chinese celebrities. Photo: Kaftanik.kirill.

The English symbol bridge also appears in Suzhou City (China). Instead of crossing the river, the Tower Bridge Chinese version is built on a road. The replica bridge has twice the size of the original. Inside the bridge is a traditional English-style cafe. Photo: Ivivu, Nedeneyimledik.

Changshu movie studio (Hebei province, China) used to have a giant sphinx statue identical to the real version in Egypt. The replica sphinx statue is 60 meters long, 20 meters high, and has a two-story palace inside. However, in 2016, the fake statue was dismantled.Photo: weibo, cbsnews.

The mysterious Moai statues of Rapa Nui people on Easter Island belong to the Polynesia archipelago are also copied almost original and located on a road in Beijing, China. The work was made prominently on the street, attracting the curiosity of many foreign visitors.Photo: Art, Koreus.

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