The thousand-year-old tunnel through the giant forest

Go to Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon in the US, you can drive on the route between the giant forest and admire the tunnel through the unique Tunnel Log tree.

Tunnel Log is a special wooden tunnel on a poetic road in Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon in the United States. The trunk of the tree across the street of Crescent Meadow forms a beautiful tunnel, attracting many visitors to check-in and live virtual. The tunnel came into being after a giant sized tree fell in late 1937 due to “natural causes”.Photo: Istefpayne, Lets_go_somewhere__.

This old tree is over 80 m tall and its base diameter is 6.4 m. The age of the tree is not determined but may exceed 2,000 years. In the summer of 1938, instead of removing the tree, people cut through the log, creating a tunnel wide enough for the car to pass. Photo: Ianmcalpine, Lets_go_somewhere__.

Today, after more than 80 years, the trunk tunnel is still used with a width of 5.2 m and 2.4 m high. If the size is too large, it is impossible to cross the tunnel, the vehicles will have to turn to another road. Photo: Ianmcalpine, Jordankahana.

Unique tunnel between giant trees creates a beautiful natural picture, just like the gate brings you to the colorful fairy world. “Why not create a new tunnel?”, Many visitors suggest when finding the trunk size that limits many traffic. Photo: Kendollmartin, Lets_go_somewhere__.

When the new national parks were established, the construction of trans-tree tunnels was a way to attract visitors. However, that attraction gradually changes over time to better fit the reality because today’s national park is the land of the last original landscape in America.Photo:, Siberianxkiss.

The idea of ​​building a new tunnel seems impossible. Many people believe that plants should develop in a natural way, limiting human intervention as little as possible. Tunnel trees work to attract tourists in the past. However, today, the protection and preservation of trees to grow healthy and natural is more valuable. Photo: Girlsabroad, Wanderlikeus.

You can visit here at any time of the year. Every time, the tunnel between the forest carries a different beauty. However, autumn and winter is the time when this attraction attracts the most visitors. People come here to take photos, live virtual among the trees instead of poetic leaves or check-in romantic snow-white scenery

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