TOURIST ATTRACTION Appeared ‘Buddha hand supporting the rainbow’, version of Da Nang bridge

The Thai Hong Tien Thu Bridge (Fujian Province, China), which was inaugurated in August last, surprised many people by the appearance of the famous Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam.According to sources from Sohu (China) site, Co Khe Tinh Ha tourist resort (Fujian, China) recently inaugurated Thai Hong Tien Thu bridge, Guiness record bridge for design “Buddha’s hand The world’s largest engraving “.
Page Sohu introduced the name of the bridge which means “Buddha’s hand to help the rainbow”. The bridge design is also described exactly as the name suggests. The bridge is made of glass, when the reflected sunlight will shine into the rainbow colors. The highlight of the work is the giant white Buddha hand that supports the whole bridge.

Thai Hong Tien Thu Bridge has a length of 99 m, estimated total construction cost of this project is 16 million yuan (nearly 53 billion ). According to Sohu , the bridge began to be built from August 2018. It is worth mentioning that the giant bridge in Co Khe Tinh Ha tourist area makes many people immediately think of the famous Golden Bridge in Da Nang – the work has been praised many times by international media.The difference between these two works is that the Golden Bridge has two supporting hands and the Co Khe Tinh Ha bridge has only one. However, the idea of ​​designing a giant hand to support the majestic middle bridge of Thai Hong Tien Thu Bridge coincides with the Golden Bridge. This similarity makes the online community believe that the “late born” bridge in China is the imitation version of the world famous Golden Bridge.The Golden Bridge (Da Nang) has just opened for tourists for about a year, but it has been a destination that has caused foreign media because of its unique beauty. Golden Bridge has a length of about 150 m, located at an altitude of 1,400 m, leaning on the shiny silk strip across the mountain, supported by giant hands.

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